Today is:
18 Lipca 2024
Name day:
Kamila, Karoliny, Roberta

Sposoby płatności

    Prof. dr hab. inż. Stanisław Rychlicki.

    Professor Stanisław Rychlicki Ph.D. graduated from the Faculty of Geology and Exploration at AGH University of Science and Technology in 1968, where in 1973 he received the degree of Ph.D. and a post-doctoral degree in 1976. In the years 1986-1990 he served there as the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Drilling and Oil and in the years 1990-1996, as the Dean of the Faculty of Drilling, Oil and Gas. In the years 1990-1999, Mr Rychlicki was a member of the University Senate and in the years 200-2008 – the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Drilling, Oil and Gas. Since 1990 he has been holding the degree of professor and at present holds the Chair of Oil Engineering.

    Since 2008, Mr Rychlicki has been President of the Supervisory Board of PGNiG.

    He has authored and co-authored over a dozen of books, monographs, university course books, over 350 publications both in Poland and abroad as well as 240 studies for the petroleum industry. He has worked for the petroleum industry and the power industry throughout his professional life. He is a member of many scientific societies, both Polish and foreign ones. He has been a member of SITPNiG (Scientific Association of the Oil and Gas Industry Engineers and Technicians SAOGIET) since 1970 and Vice-President of the Association – since 1922; Vice-President of Polish National Committee of World Petroleum Congress - since 1996, a member of International Gas Union - since 1994, a member of Society of Well Log Analysts – since 1986, a member of Society of Petroleum Engineers – since 1991, a member of Congress Programme Committee of World Petroleum Council (2000-2008) and a member of the Committee on Geological Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences – since 1976.