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11 Grudnia 2018
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Biny, Damazego, Waldemara

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    • Recalculating Of Diaphragm Gas Meters Metrological Characteristics From Air To Measured Gas
      Paper presents metrological characteristics of diaphragm gas meters determined at air of density 1,2 kg/m3. Author describes formulas to recalculating starting flow rate, minimal and maximal flow rate from air of density 1,2 kg/m3 to measured gas. Figures illustrate recalculated metrological characteristics of gas meter G4 for natural gas. Author analyses selection of gas meter to flow rate range of natural gas receivers. The formula defines the quick-running of gas meter and his influence to selection of gas meter. Figures present annual heating degree days Sd(15oC) in 2011 and 2013 year for selected cities of Europe and Russian Federation. Author presents relationship between heating degree days and selection of gas meter cyclic volume. ...more