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    • Changes of Heating Energy Consumption In Buildings In Cracov In Heating Seasons from 1996/97 to 2016/2017 Years
      Figures illustrate the monthly air temperature for January, February and March and average air temperature in heating seasons from 1996/1997 to 2016/2017 years for Cracov. Figure presents monthly heating degree days Sd(15oC) for base temperature tb=15oC and heating degree days Sd(15oC) in heating seasons from seasons 1996/1997 to 2016/2017 years for Cracov. Author presents percentage changes between the average heating energy consumption and the warmest heating season for Cracov in period from heating seasons 1996/1997 till 2016/2017 years. The paper then compares the natural gas consumption for real building in Cracov in heating season per 1 square metre of heating area of building in heating seasons from 1996/1997 to 2016/2017 years. ...more