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18 Października 2018
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Hanny, Klementyny, Łukasza

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    • Power to Gas - a technology for storing surplus energy from Renewable Energy Sources in gas form
      The article presents the concept of the Power to Gas process, enabling the transformation of surplus electricity into gas energy. Technical solutions of the process, directions of gas product application and state of technology implementation were discussed. ...more

    • Refinery in Gdańsk at the LOTOS S.A. Group as a critical infrastructure object
      The article presents the history of the Gdańsk Refinery, as well as the socio-political background of the decision to build a refinery in Gdańsk. The process of creating a consortium of Grupa Lotos S.A. on the basis of the Gdańsk Refinery was also presented and the leading role of refineries in it. The article also presents Grupa LOTOS S.A. as a critical infrastructure object, the key role of fire protection systems in the proper functioning of the refinery is described and the issue of disrupting the operation of the refinery as a critical infrastructure object was discussed, using the example of fire of the gasoline storage tank on May 03, 2003. ...more